Kick The Carp (carpy) wrote in kadiddlehopper,
Kick The Carp


This is life

10:54 - Fiercely Carp: Yeah
10:54 - Fiercely Carp: I x-posted
10:54 - Fiercely Carp: It was fantastic
10:54 - Kyou: Oh, is that what you kids call it nowadays?
10:54 - Fiercely Carp: Well, that's what all those community freaks call it
10:54 - Kyou: Like Xmas and Xmen? You kids and your craaaazy X!
10:54 - Fiercely Carp: Said the guy who was a year older than me
10:55 - Kyou: I remember back in the day, the only letters we had wer A, E, I, O, U, and sometimes Y!
10:55 - Fiercely Carp: And you had to walk to school
10:55 - Fiercely Carp: In the snow
10:55 - Fiercely Carp: Uphill, both ways
10:55 - Kyou: No!
10:55 - Kyou: I had to crawl! We didn't have legs back then!
10:55 - Fiercely Carp: Hmm
10:55 - Fiercely Carp: See, this is the kind of thing you should be posting on Kadiddlehopper
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