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You're Not French, Are You?

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Kadiddlehopper is a community of randomness.

Membership is open. All you have to do to join is click "Join", and then you can post right away. If that's not cool, we don't know what is.

We are a strong, close-knit community. We like to think that our members can trust each other to talk about anything, since that is our creed.

Posting is not limited in any way. If there is something that you feel you want to post, go ahead and do it. You don't have to worry about what anyone thinks. Most of the time, we post funny, nonsensical things, but really, there are no rules.

Tell your friends. The community grows by word of mouth.

Thank you for joining our little surburb of LiveJournal. We thank you in advance for the laughter, tears and other outward displays of emotions you might bring in your tenure here. Be strong. Be brave. And most importanty, if you have a scratch, itch it.